Unwinder/Rewinder with web withs: 23″(600mm),30″(770mm). 42″(1000mm) & 60″ (1500mm) Helical Gear Drive,Tilt-able splice table and Web decurler are unique GEP Ehret features. 3″ or 5″ shaft sizes available

Patented Plow Fold – Slit & Merge Features

Combined Plow/Slit Merge modules which includes Patented Plow Fold heads and a Gatefold Plow Fold head for wrinkle free folding from silk papers, bible papers, and offset stocks. Automatic Positioning plow fold heads are available as an option.

Sheeters – Offset Stock and Packaging Materials with Chip-out

High speed Sheeters in web widths 23″(600mm) 30″ (770mm) and 42″ (1000mm) for both the Printing and Packaging Industry. Speeds up to 1000 ft/min. with 1/8″ chip- out depending on paper stock and format length. Full computer program control with adjustable features in minutes on the fly.

Dynamic Perf&Score Modules – Full Web Width

Full Web Width Modules which include both Perf & Score, Fixed Variable applications in the same unit. Sizes include: 23″(600mm) 30″ (770mm) & 42″ (1000mm). Hole punching can be added as an option. This unit is modular and can run inline with the web or off-line for sheet fed products offerring the most versatile solution available.

Dynamic Fixed / Variable DieCutting

Patented technologies with Carbon Fiber cylinder allow for maximum production speed, quality, and ease of operation for the newly designed GEP Ehret Rotary Diecutter. The unit is modular can run inline with the web or off-line for sheet fed products offerring the most versatile solution available.

Book Finishing & Customized Solutions

Patented Finishing Solutions for Perfect Bound, Smyth Sewn, and Saddle Stitched books offer unique flexibility and solutions. Customized designs and solutions for your production needs are available.

Patented Perf/Score/Slit PSS Module
Patented High Speed GEP Folding Sections

New Patented Process: Slit/Score/Perf. GEP Ehret Folders only fold. All finishing for Perf/Score/Slit are delivered in a PSS Module with timed ,tooth belts running the same speed as the GEP BFU folder to estimate sheet skewing „fish tailing Using a 6″Diameter over driven Slitting wheel provides a razor cut slit for multiple ups ore edge trim products with no frayed, rough edges A 6″ diameter Crush Cut. lay flat Perf Wheel and 6“ diameter Score Wheel provide a letter press quality finish

Patented High Speed GEP Folding Sections GEP EHRET has devoloped New right angle folding sections. The weakest link is the right angle folding section in all web finishing systems that sheet then buckle fold the products. GEP has developed a High Speed Acceleration unit to allow for High Speed folding directly from the Sheeter and/or into another 90 degree folding section with minimal reduction in speed. GEP has also Patented a New Fold Roller design to enable High Speed buckle folding inline with Web Finising lines

Precise Register Butt Splicer for Digital Production

Print 17 GEP EHRET displayed a Digital Precise Register Butt Splicer which has a 1mm splice registration with a 1,5 sec splice and tape process up to 900 ft. / min. Unit can be run inlinewith a Digital Press utilizing a Buffer section which allows for non stop production with the entire splice location with taping remaining below the 2mm height requirements for digital print head damage specifications. Web rolls can be run in tandem or side by side for minimal foot print and ceiling height requiemrnts in most Digital locations.

ACC 800 High Speed Right Angle Acceleration

The ACC 800 Patented Design allows for a High Speed Angle Acceleration between 2 right angle folding sections or as an accessory to any finising line in your plant. Generally 40-50% of production is lost when producing right angle folded products. The ACC 800 allows for little or no reduction in right angle production up to 800 f.p.m.